With more than 30 million yearly visitors, Las Vegas is, no doubt, a top travel destination. This is why putting your brand out there on the busy streets of Vegas is a wise business decision; with countless eyes seeing your brand message, there’s a high chance it could translate into higher revenues. This is simply digital advertising at its best!

But exactly how much do digital signs cost in Las Vegas? This is a fairly common question, especially from small businesses all over Nevada. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the cost of making digital signs and the best place to get the service in Vegas.

Cost of Digital Sign Production in Las Vegas

The exact cost of a digital sign will depend on the type of signage you want to implement for your business. While cutting down costs is important, you want to choose options that meet your needs and objectives so you can get the most value for your advertising effort.

Cost of Display Screen

Digital signs are displayed on either a consumer or commercial-grade screen, with the former being less expensive than the latter. Essentially, consumer displays are household smart TVs with 4K Ultra HD capabilities, so they can produce impressive visuals to capture potential customers’ attention.

However, commercial displays are a better choice if you want a durable screen that will work for long hours per day and comes with longer warranties. 

Cost of Media Player, Display Mounts, and Cabling

Streaming your content to digital signs requires a media player. Also, you will need display mounts and cables to place the digital sign in your preferred location.

Installation Cost

The labor cost for installing a simple single digital sign screen is in the vicinity of $200. As expected, the installation cost for a larger project, such as a wall-sized display screen, will be significantly higher. 

It makes sense to compare two or more price quotes before choosing an installer. However, your decision shouldn’t be solely based on affordability; instead, consider the installer’s experience.

Cost of Content Creation

The cost of creating your content will depend on whether you want to transmit fully interactive content that includes a touchscreen interaction, simple static text content, or other types of digital signage content. 

An experienced digital signage production company in Las Vegas, like Smoke and Mirrors Production, can help you choose the content type that best suits your objectives and budget.

Ongoing Costs

Lastly, you’ll have to create a monthly budget for ongoing campaigns, maintenance, and IT support. These costs vary widely, depending on your needs and the advertising company handling your digital signage. 

Let Smoke and Mirrors Productions Handle Your Digital Signs

With countless flashing lights all over Las Vegas, making a digital sign that stands out in the city can be challenging. Even if you have the right concept, you need a professional production team that understands how Nevadians think to convey the message in an attention-grabbing manner.

That’s where Smoke and Mirrors Productions come into the picture. We’ve been in the digital signs production business for over a decade and a half (and counting), providing clients with professional visual media

And the major reason we’re still growing in leaps and bounds is that our digital signs have high conversion rates. We don’t just make eye-catchy digital signage; we make sure your digital signs pass the right message to quickly turn potential clients into lifelong customers.

Our clientele cuts across Vegas to all over the world and includes household names like:

The good news is that we implement the same advertising strategy for all our clients, whether world-renown companies or local family-owned businesses. 

Now that you have the answer to the question, “How much do digital signs cost in Las Vegas?” it’s up to you to leverage Vegas’ unique advantage ― millions of potential customers ― and increase your bottom line. 

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