Social & TV Commercial Production Las Vegas

Social & TV Commercial Production Las Vegas

As a leading social & TV commercial production company in Las Vegas, we understand just how important video is to your brand image. With over 1.4 billion users on Instagram, 2.9 billion on Facebook, and scores more on TikTok, YouTube, and every other social media platform online, there’s a very good chance that your next customer will find you through video on any one of these platforms.

We have dedicated decades of our lives to social & TV commercial production in Las Vegas. We not only understand the terrain, but we understand the customers too. Our job is to make your brand appealing to your potential clients by providing you with high-quality videos and commercials at an affordable rate.

However, just because it’s affordable doesn’t mean that it’s cheap. We understand the value of money to mom-and-pop shops in Nevada. If you spend your hard-earned dollars to create a TV commercial, it’s best to hire a company that will give you much-needed value for money.

Our experience in social & TV commercial production in Las Vegas puts us at an advantage over most other companies. Not only is the team extensively experienced in social media videography and commercial production, but we are also conversant with what it takes to intrigue and captivate Nevada natives and visitors alike.

Whether you want to create a TV commercial for local cable networks or one geared towards regional and countrywide channels, we have you covered.

Filming and Editing of Social & TV Commercials in Nevada

While we are technically superb at filming and editing social and TV commercials, we understand that it’s only the beginning. After we have captured your brand image in a way that speaks to your values and what kind of solutions you offer your customers, the next step is to get that word out there—to get it on air.

Every TV network and social media platform requires a specific method and format to air your commercial. Our highly technical team can and will help you format your commercial appropriately to get it aired on your preferred media.

Why Smoke & Mirrors Production?

When it comes to social & TV commercial production, you need a professional team that has a highly noteworthy track record. At Smoke & Mirrors Production, we have exactly what you need.

Our social and TV commercial crew in Las Vegas:

  • Shoot your TV commercial in full HD and 4K
  • Use the latest, most reliable gear in the industry
  • Use drones to provide excellent aerial videography
  • Film in the most iconic locations or in-studio\ on a green-screen

Depending on your specific needs, we can produce cinematic commercials at pocket-friendly rates and within the stipulated timelines. We can work with you on half-days or even multiple full days where necessary.

Give us a call or send us an email today for a complete social and TV commercial cost breakdown in Las Vegas.