Corporate Sales & Marketing Videos

Does your company need to invest in high-quality Corporate Sales & Marketing Videos? The simple answer is YES! Video sells. If you are still on the fence about hiring a professional outfit to create engaging Corporate Sales & Marketing Videos for your brand, here are some statistics that should help clarify the importance of jumping in and giving us a call today.

  • 83% of video marketers generate leads through corporate sales and marketing videos
  • Brands that create sales and marketing videos see a 157% increase in organic traffic to their website
  • 68% video marketing generates a higher ROI for marketers than Google ads and other forms of corporate sales and marketing.

They say numbers don’t lie; the numbers have spoken here: Corporate Sales & Marketing Videos pay off.

The only question that remains now is who you should hire to create your sales and marketing videos.

Why Hire Smoke & Mirrors Productions for Your Corporate Sales & Marketing Videos

Nowadays, we have video cameras capable of shooting content at an incredible 4K quality. The market has come to demand nothing but the best when it comes to video content. Before you decide to invest in a corporate sales and marketing video production company, you need to see what kind of quality they produce.

At Smoke & Mirrors Productions, we have a combined experience of over 40 years in the field of videography. Our track record is unmatched when it comes to producing high-quality sales and marketing videos for our clients in Las Vegas, Nevada, and across the country.

Not only do we use the best and latest equipment for the job, our entire crew is well versed in the art of content production as well. We bring this wealth of knowledge to every project we undertake. This is because we understand that every video we produce represents not only your brand in the eyes of the public but also our own.

We have positioned ourselves as a one-stop shop for all your corporate sales and marketing production needs. We take every video project seriously; in our eyes, there’s no project that is too big or a budget that is too small for us to give it our utmost.

To ensure that we deliver what you expect and more, we pay close attention to the entire project from concept to completion. This includes:

  • Script writing or story-boarding
  • Casting
  • Location scouting
  • Shooting and directing
  • video editing
  • Visual FX, Motion Graphics, or Animation
  • Music mix, voiceover or audio sweetening

We are well-versed in video production projects, including those that require days of shooting on location and those that don’t require any location scouting or shooting but are driven by voiceover artists and graphics. Either way, we have the crew and the talent to deliver per the project’s scope.

Some of the most popular and effective sales and marketing videos include:

  • Marketing videos for your corporate social media
  • Sales pitch videos
  • Product explainer and demo videos
  • Event sizzle reels
  • Corporate training, recruiting, and orientation videos

These are videos that not only show the world what you have to offer but also who you are as a brand. Production quality, therefore, is as important as the message.

At Smoke & Mirrors Productions, we believe the video production process should be just as fun as watching the end product. We infuse our expertise, positive energy, and professionalism into every shoot. Making sure that your brand is represented in the best possible light using the best possible equipment in the best possible manner is what keeps us going.

Once commissioned to undertake a corporate sale and marketing video production project, we realign every necessary asset to deliver on that project as quickly and expertly as possible.

With decades of experience and an excellent track record, we are determined to show you who we are as a brand, just as we are determined to show the world who you are as a corporation. Give us a call, and let us embark on your next corporate sales and marketing video project.