About Us

Cory has been involved in video production since 2004, working his way through the ranks while mastering various skill sets driving him to open his own Company, Smoke and Mirrors Productions, in 2011. Cory is “nearly” a Vegas native, coming West at age nine, and an active poker competitor.

Wally has been Smoke’s “go to” cameraman for just shy of a decade (in the production world upwards of 25 years) and is also a “near” native of Vegas. Wally pictures every shoot as an opportunity to tell a story. The ability to set an atmosphere with lighting is his forte, as his clientele will attest. Beyond capturing stills for pleasure, Wally practices martial arts.

The Mission

At Smoke and Mirrors Productions, we are bringing the secrets of big business sales and marketing to smaller companies and local mom ‘n pop shops. It is said that distribution beats production every time and it all begins with being accessible, approachable and discoverable.

We will unleash the production professionalism of the elites and streamline the process in order to bring your Company a quality video previously unimaginable.

Allow us to show you how!